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Sati Pasela Library Now Open at Nissarana Vanaya

Another milestone: Sati Pasela Library was established at Mithrigala Nissarana Vanaya on 17/10/2016 under the guidance of Most Venerable U Dhammajiva Thero.This simple ceremony was held with children of weekly Sati Pasela programs that are regularly held at Nissarana Vanaya. During this ceremony free books, gifts and plants were distributed

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Special Sati Pasela at Nissarana Vanaya – Werahera Bandaranayake Maha Vidyalaya & Papiliyawala Kanishta Vidyalaya

This was a special Sati Pasela event which was conducted at Mithrigala Nissarana Vanaya forest monastery on 17/10/2016. About 120 students from both schools, were guided to follow mindfulness practices in both walking and sitting postures by Most Venerable Udairiyagama Dhammajiva Thero. Principals and teachers of both schools participated. The

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WP/GM Padmawathie Central College, Dekatana

Sati Pasela facilitators visited Padmawathie Central College on 14th October 2016 to guide about 200 students from grade 6. In this program, students experienced mindfulness walking and sitting with the unsparing support of their principle and teachers. At the end of the session students shared their experience very appreciatively with

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Sati Pasela Programme at WP/GM/ Galahitiyawa Central College (National School), Ganemulla

Students in Galahitiyawa Central College experienced mindfulness on 13th October 2016 with Sati Pasela facilitators. In this program, about 270 students from grade 8 participated in guided mindfulness walking and sitting with the support of their teachers. Finally students shared their experience very appreciatively with Sati Pasela facilitators.

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A new film ‘Release’ demonstrates the typical tension faced by an average 10-16 year old:

Between stacks of homework, bullies, and awkward texts, middle school is its own sort of battlefield. In this five-minute film, students work through their anxieties using mindfulness....' 'The hectic pace changes a few minutes in when students are guided through a mindful breathing practice. You can see on students’ faces that

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