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Student – M.D.H. Jayawardana MV

I really feel a sense of calmness. Normally I would have joked with others & got a joy out doing things like that. I’m also in the habit of always talking to someone else. But now I understand what a relief you get by being silent. I wish all strength for the success

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Student – Presbyterian BMV

I really enjoyed participating in this class. I felt a lightness I have never experienced before. Although a lot of thought came in, I escaped them & kept experimenting with Sati. It gave me great sense of satisfaction & I want to do it over & over again

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Student – Visakha Vidyalaya

Initially when we were walking I got some crazy meaningless thoughts. By walking about 30 steps I was able to apply sati. I felt the sensations of my feet, the wetness or the feel of pebbles. I walked mindfully. I realize that when my friends around me talk it’s difficult to be mindful.

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