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බලංගොඩ පාසල් සිසුවියගේ සතිමත් දවසක අත්දැකීම්

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2018.03.07 වන දින

Sati Pasala - පාසල් සිසුවියගේ සතිමත් අත්දැකීම්

බලංගොඩ පාසල් සිසුවියගේ සතිමත් දවසක අත්දැකීම්

පාසල් සිසුවියගේ සතිමත් දවසක අත්දැකීම්2

Theruwan Saranai!

Dear Bhante,

One day I decided to spend my day mindfully from the time I woke up till I get back home from school. I decided to do every task mindfully while being friends with the body. This is how I spent my day on March 7th, 2018.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. I did the sitting meditation with my mind at the present moment. I brushed my teeth and washed my face mindfully. I could distinguish between the sounds it makes when I brush my teeth slowly and brush them faster.

When my mother was braiding my hair, I closed my eyes and observed my breathing. I felt long inhaling and short exhaling. I felt the breath on the top corner of my nostrils and on the bottom corner. I lost the mindful breathing when my mother said, “done”.

Mother fed me rice while I was plucking jasmine flowers to the small flower basket. I noticed that all jasmine flowers did not have the same number of petals. Some had 7 while others had 8. While I was arranging the flowers my mother fed me 4 mouthfuls of rice. I worshiped my mother to leave for school. When she kissed my face, I felt on my face that her hands were cold and her face was warm. I have not felt that on the other days. On my way to get on the vehicle, I counted 31 steps. On my way from home to school I mindfully counted the number of bends. I counted 27.

The vehicle stopped at the school gate. Without running from the school gate to the classroom with friends, like on the other days, counted my steps to the classroom with the intention of walking calmly. I counted 51steps. I walked to the morning assembly mindfully knowing movements of my left foot and right foot.

I was mindful about the subject matter that was taught as well during the playtime. The bell rang. Instead of racing to the gate like on the other days, I counted my steps to the vehicle and got on. It was amazing to realize that the number of steps I counted in the morning matched with the steps I counted back to the vehicle in the afternoon. I felt very relaxed once I stepped into the home. This is in contrast with the exhaustion I had felt on the other days. I went to my room and removed my shoes and socks and pressed my feet to the ground. The sweaty feet felt the coolness of the floor. I got up and walked back and forth in the room. The floor felt cool on my feet during the first few steps but the temperature increased as I walked. When my mother was feeding me, I could sense the salty, sour and creamy tastes unlike the other days. I took time to attentively taste the last bit of the rice. The very last bit tasted sweet. I recalled the science lesson taught at school about starch containing glucose. I figured out that that is why the rice tasted sweet.

The calmness in my mind was refreshing. I got friendly with all the tasks I did. I did not consider the external disturbances as disturbances. When I felt like there is an external disturbance I strengthened my mindfulness. I figured out that I can be mindful at anytime, anywhere and while doing any type of work. All that is required is being in the present, the wisdom and courage.

May the noble triple gems bless you.

I wish you bhante long life and “pin” (merits) for teaching me this path.

(Original report was in Sinhala and translated by Akbo Rupasinghe, Winnipeg, Canada)

2019.01.05 වන දින

Sati Pasala - සතිමත් දවස - බලංගොඩ පාසල් සිසුවිය

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