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Adverting the mind in Advertising: Sati Pasala at Shift

Shift Agency, is a reputed advertising agency in Colombo which recently showed interest in mindfulness and in learning about Sati Pasala. They were also keen to become partners with us in organizing the Global Mindfulness Summit next year. Particularly in relation to creatively designing posters, banners and structures that will depict the Summit theme at the SLFI.
Today November 10th, the staff at Shift Agency were exposed to understanding mindfulness. They were intrigued to learn about the science of mindfulness, and the benefits of adverting the mind inwards, I.e repeatedly bringing the mind to the present moment. Perhaps diametrically opposed to the craft they practice.
At today’s session an enthusiastic group of young men and women showed a great deal of interest in understanding mindfulness and Sati Pasala.

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