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Sati Pasela News from New Zealand

From New Zealand  a valuable Sati Pasela supporter – Anula Premachandra sent us this email:

‘We got the  Sati Pasela book printed out and gave SL children in Dunedin on June 19th, Poson Poya day. It is a great advantage for us. Very few Children  live here in DN, about 15 children among the ages 1 year to 15 years. When there is a opportunity ,  we can support the children in DN with more information from the Sati Pasela web.
So,the sati pasela program is a great support for all over the world. There are lots of Mindfulness Classes and programs in the west. Everything is for money. But still doesn’t give the true message about mindfulness.’

Anula shared with us this wonderful quotation: Enlightened Leadership

via  https://www.entrepreneur.com
There are 4 kinds of leaders.
The lowest class of leader is one who is despised – who gains authority by inheritance, position or political ruthlessness.
The next kind of leader is one who is feared – who rules with an iron hand, whose punishment and retribution is swift against those who oppose him.
The next kind of leader is one who is loved – who embraces the people and shares their joys and sorrows, who understands their plight, who is pure in heart.
But the best kind of leader is one who goes unnoticed – he doesn’t assert himself, but trusts in his peoples’ capacities and abilities and empowers them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities; his leadership creates more leaders and encourages others to participate.
This leader knows that in refusing to trust his people, he makes them untrustworthy; in refusing to love them, he makes them unlovable; in refusing to value their independence, he makes them dependent.
This leader doesn’t talk much, but he does much. He doesn’t need to say a lot, but lets his actions speak for him.
And when this leader is done with his work, when he has reached the apex of his success, his people will say, “We did it! And we did it all by ourselves!”
Inspired by the Tao Te Ching, verse 17

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