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Friends of the Sati Pasala Foundation

Objectives of the Sati Pasala Foundation

Objectives of the Sati Pasala Foundation

The Sati Pasala Foundation was founded by Most Venerable Dhammajiva Maha Thero in May 2017. The Venerable Maha Thero is the Foundation’s Spiritual Leader and its main Advisor.

The OBJECTS of the Foundation are:

  1. To promote and propagate mindfulness amongst all sectors of the Sri Lankan population, for well-being, inner contentment and self-understanding
  2. To demonstrate that mindfulness improves focus at work, enables better mental health and emotional resilience, and that it promotes tolerance and empathy.
  3. To create awareness on the scientifically proven mental and physical benefits of mindfulness, and on current global trends in mindfulness-based academic research
  4. To introduce and share mindfulness practice in a non-sectarian & non-religious manner. The Foundation will function as an apolitical body.
  5. To use mindfulness as a platform for developing pathways for sustainable harmony between ethnic & religious groups.
  6. To initiate mindfulness programs in partnership with Government and non-government organizations, and with local and international partners to accomplish the Objects of the Foundation
  7. To establish Branches of Sati Pasala is selected overseas locations. These will function in accordance with the Foundation Objects

We welcome devotees of Most Venerable Dhammajiva and those wishing to be part of this noble initiative of sharing mindfulness with all sectors of the population to register with us, as Friends of The Sati Pasala Foundation.

Please contact us including your Name, Postal & Email address and telephone number.

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