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International Mindfulness Camp 2019

International Mindfulness Camp 2019

The International Mindfulness Camp 2019 was successfully concluded in the Scenic Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia last week. For 3 nights and 4 days the children enjoyed a wide variety of mindfulness activities that allowed them to learn and practice among their peers. Over 130 participants from across Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, followed a simple but structured schedule from dawn to dusk.
Enriched with Maha Thero’s Guided sitting sessions and reflection reviews, the program also included use of the many facilities and features at the venue. Sunrise yoga was part of the daily routine; the different walking paths; turf of the tennis court, wooden floor in the hall, the sand in the beach volley ball court and the grass provided the different perspectives that enhanced the practice; centre games included Kayaking, Archery, Rock Climbing and Wombat Hole Maze, which were unique activities that the children not only could enjoy but also provide insight into practicing Mindfulness in postures other than walking or sitting; Scouting activities and trekking to The Point, were highlights of day three, which ended with a camp fire, scout songs and performances by the children. In parallel to the main children’s program, parents and practitioners who were staying at the venue were participating in regular scheduled practice sessions which included guidance and discussions with Maha Thero. A large team of volunteers and well-wishers helped in organising and managing the activities at the Camp and we are greatly indebted to them for their support. 

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  1. This seems like a great step forward for all Sati Pasala participants where there was so much variety to what they can do mindfully. Well done to all the participants, organizers, facilitators, supporters and volunteers.

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