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M.D.H. Jayawardana MV Event

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On the 21st June, at M.D.H. Jayawardana  Maha  Vidyalaya  Talangama ( north)  Battaramulla , about  80 students from Grade 9, both boys and girls,  were introduced to mindfulness facilitation at class room level. This school is registered with the Sati Pasela program and  the Sati Pasela book had been handed over to the school. The Principal had invited Mindfulness Facilitators to visit the school thereafter.

Feedback from students :

  • Male students Grade 9
  1. I really feel a sense of calmness. Normally I would have joked with others & got a joy out doing things like that. I’m also in the habit of always talking to someone else. But now I understand what a relief you get by being silent. I wish all strength for the success of future programs
  2. It’s a good program to get the mind to one place. Walking was not very successful but there were many impediments. I suggest that we do individual walking
  3. We have never had such an expierience before. Thank you
  4. Actually Sati is a very good thing. All you teachers must come again
  5. I got a lot of happiness. Please go & teach this to our fellow brothers & sisters in other schools as well.
  6. I felt lightness. After some time of sitting meditation I felt my heart beat
  7. Whilst walking on the pebbles it was very painful. However as we were doing so mindfully I felt a certain lightness
  8. Initially I felt a physical discomfort. But slowly my mind settled & felt a calmness
  9. By bringing my mind to one place I felt calmness. After a while I was disturbed by the flies & the loud ringing of the school bell. Whilst the meditation was going well I felt that I saw something within my eyes; whilst my eyes were closed. I also found walking  meditation quite likable. Although walking on the gravel was extremely painful I bore it & carried on. I thank this program.
  10. I’m very happy. But at the same time my spine also hurt
  11. If you are revisiting it is better to present it in a more practical manner. It is better to present the 4 postures more clearly to the children
  • Female students Grade 9
  1. I’m very happy that the Sati Pasela program was introduced to our school. Whilst I was walking mindfully I did not get any thoughts. I only focused on placing the right & left foot. What you taught us is very clear but further explanations I feel it will be even more useful. This is useful for all kids. I promise that starting today whenever possible, when at home, I will apply sati
  2. It is good if this program can be done daily. Meditating & walking mindfully was a bit difficult. Initially I thought it was a bit of a nuisance but towards the end I felt a sense of contentment. I feel that if we apply what was taught to our lives, that we will learn to be more patient, especially when we face problems. This is a very valuable lesson in life
  3. Felt lightness in my mind, a sense of freedom. Need a bit more time though.Felt peaceful, felt a release of the physical stress, was able to get the mind to one place; initially I thought this exercise was a nuisance. I felt like a floating cotton ball. It ended up as a game I did with my eyes closed. Then I got a bit sleepy. I now felt the mind was more disciplined.
  4. I think I can improve my wisdom by practicing sati daily. Sati can be applied to any activity. If I practice this I can be a good citizen. By practicing daily I can improve the quality of my life. I will practice at home.
  5. Unlike other days I did not feel tired at all. The children were not unsettled. I felt a certain lightness in my body. Normally kids shout & are very excitable whilst in the class. Today they were much more disciplined. I will practice this at home. Good if we have daily sessions in school
  6. This mindfulness is a very good thing. I felt a sense of lightness in my mind & body. By focusing the mind in this manner I managed to limit the number of thought coming into my mind. This is a very useful exercise for kids and adults.
  7. This was a very useful program for us. School children find it very difficult to keep the mind in one place. But today’s activities helped us a lot in that respect. This practice can be done by the rich & poor, parents & children. We are very grateful to you all.
  8. I had some idea about this from the Sunday school. But today I really understood a lot as I got more knowledge on this subject. In future, I will endeavour to be mindful in my day to day activities. Thank you very much
  9. I experienced a great physical ease. I will practice this daily so that I may get this physical relief.
  10. Although I’m a very excitable child, today I felt a certain lightness in my mind & body. I felt that what we did today was a good exercise to calm my mind & body. Whilst I was mindfully breathing, I felt with clarity, the functioning of my heart. Whilst walking I felt the pain in my feet very strongly & the hot sun on my body. I resolutely got rid of those thoughts & applied my mind to the act of walking. Today you taught me how to get the better of my inclination to be excitable. I got used to the feeling of being calm. I’m very grateful to you all for this.
  11. Today I felt something very different. I thought I must go home & practice to get the benefit & make my mind calmer.


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