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Mindful Britain – 2015 October 20th

Mindful Britain - 2015 October 20th
Mindful Britain - 2015 October 20th
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Today, Britain declared its intention to become “a mindful nation.”
Twenty months ago, on the 20th October 2015, the Mindful Nation UK Report was officially launched in Britain.
The report’s recommendations are practical, based on a summary of existing evidence for mindfulness.
‘In Westminster today, the Mindful Nation UK report from the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAAPG) will be launched. The report is the culmination of several years’ work, initiated by the former member of Parliament Chris Ruane, to bring mindfulness training into British politics: first by introducing politicians to the practice, and then by exploring its relevance to public life, in the form of a Parliamentary inquiry. Along the way, more than a hundred MPs and members of the House of Lords have taken a mindfulness course in Parliament, and hundreds more witnesses – researchers, teachers, public policy makers and course participants – have contributed to the MAPPG’s inquiry.’

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