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Mindfulness for Child Protection: an Inter Religious initiative

At the Sarvodaya auditorium in Borella on October 24th, Mindfulness for Protecting Children was the topic of discussion. This was the third such discussion on this topic during the past two months. Mindfulness in schools through Sati Pasala, penetrating teachers, Principals and Provincial Education Authorities was considered as a possible solution to addressing the perennial problem of child abuse through a different dimension. Sensitizing the Education Ministry on the value of using Mindfulness in schools, to manage this grave problem was also discussed.
Mindfulness to be used as a method to prevent violence & abuse against children, to be brought into focus as a national priority promoted by multiple groups & multiple faiths, with no discrimination.
Mindfulness could empower the child victim & could enable the perpetrator to understand the machinations of his mind.
Sarvodaya with Sati Pasala will be joined by other non-governmental & governmental institutions, with different religious groups to make this important program a reality.

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