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Mitirigala Primary school – Grade five students

The Sati Pasela program derives its original roots from a simple and humble initiative taken late last year in a few schools near Mitirigala. We publish some photographs which illustrate how the young children had understood mindfulness.
These students continue to participate  in mindfulness practice sessions with the help of some Facilitators on a weekly basis.
From our  Dunedin Supporter AnulaScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.01.32.png

One thought on “Mitirigala Primary school – Grade five students

  1. The learning and undestanding of these kids on mindfulness is wonderful. Wish the great intitiation of most venerable Dhammajeeva Thero and the people who voluntarily assist to make this program a succeful one creates a new era of mindfulness to next Sri Lankan generation.

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