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National Schools Teacher Educators Program – Uva Province

A training program for teachers of Uva province was conducted on 31st July 2017 by Chula Weerakoon, at Rathmal Kanda Aranya, Kithal-ella, Ella. A total of 39 teachers from Monaragala & Badulla Districts participated. The program commenced at 9.45am & continued till 100 pm with just a half hour tea break. It is noteworthy that the Abbot of the monastery, Ven Madawala Upali, was present for the entire duration of the program. He spoke a few words at the end praising the entire program & emphasized the value of “Sati Pasala” to teachers as well as students.
The Ministry of Education was represented by Ms Jeeva Kaluarachchi, Assistant Director Ministry of Education.

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