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Opening of Sri Kalyani Sati Pasala Center at Nagastenna, Boyagama

Opening of Sri Kalyani Sati Pasala Center at Nagastenna, Boyagama

A land plot of nearly 4 acres, at Nagastenna, Boyagama was donated to Sati Pasla and Venerable Uda-Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero by Mr. Rohana Weerasekara and his family members on 8 November 2019.
This beautiful land plot is situated about 1.8 km from Colombo-Kandy highway, off from Nanu-Oya railway crossing.  By driving about 1km from the Nanu-Oya junction toward Boyagama and about 0.8 km from Boyagama junction toward Gadalaeniya, one can reach this land within 10 min from the highway.
There is a huge Bo Tree in the land close to the main road giving very clear landmarks for any newcomer.  It is a well cultivated and maintained land with lots of coconut and other commercially valuable trees.  The topography of the land is typical hillock characterizing Kandy landscape.  It is an ancestral land belongs to Abayakoon family for many years. On the right-hand side near the entrance gate to the land, there is a cluster of Headstones of family members.
When this idea of developing a Bikkuni adobe or a Meditation center came into the mind of Mr. Rohana Weerasekara long ago it was his younger sister Ms. Dhammika Ekanayake who conveyed this intention to Venerable Uda-Eriyagama Dammajiva thero about 5 years back.
As all owners of the land were living outside Sri Lanka, the communication work was bit challenging through emails, resulting some delays.  The arrival of both Mr. Rohana and Ms. Dammika to stay in Sri Lanka for a longer period from early this year made it easier to establish “Sri Kalyani Sati Pasala at Nagastenna, Boyagama.
Accordingly, the first Sati-Pasala was held at the premises for about 22 children for nearby Boyagama Vidyalaya on the same day.  In addition to the basic facilities available at the site 2 blocks of sakman-malu of width 15ft and length 40 ft were constructed.
A simple ceremony was held to place the foundation stone for the main building of Sati-Pasla by Mr. Rohana, and his younger brother Mr. Asoka.
Venerable Nayaka thero of Heeressagala Raja Maha Viraraya, nayaka thero of Siri Niketharamaya, Haladiwela Venerable Rajasinghegama Thilakadamma thero participated in the ceremony with about 40 members of Weerasekara family, Sati-group of Kandy, members of the village etc.

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