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Presbyterian BMV Event

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Presbyterian Balika Maha Vidyalaya Dehiwala invited the Sati Pasela team to visit the school and to introduce the program. On the 16th of May at a gathering where teachers and students were present, the Sati Pasela concept and program details were presented. The book containing instructional essays were distributed.


One month later (on the 15th June) Mindfulness Facilitators were invited by the Principal to conduct short sessions of mindful sitting and mindful walking to Grade 9 students. A total of 120 Grade Nine students, in two batches, participated in a two hour session.



When feed back was requested, these were the students’ comments on this activity:
  1.  By being with my mind & body I felt a great lightness.  I have heard my heart beat when I was scared. Today I felt it when I was observing my body. I feel that if we practise this I will learn to be more patient. Thank you for devoting your times for us school kids
  2. Thank you for making us aware of an area we never thought existed. It was a novel experience. We appreciate the time dedicated by you two
  3.  Maintaining sati was v good. I kept my mind in one place & was conscious of it. Whilst sitting I experienced quite a few aches & pains, heard a lot of sounds. I let everything go I focused fully on my in & out breath. We learnt a very good thing today. I want to do it over & over again. It gives my mind a great relief. Walking was a bit more difficult as there were many impediments. But I will definitely go home & practise what we learnt
  4.  I didn’t realize that maintaining Sati was so ‘deep’. I feel that we can practise sati on a daily basis it would be very beneficial for us. Today these two teachers did a huge favour for me. They made me aware of sati & I’m very grateful to them
  5. Maybe because it was the first time & I did not have an idea of sati it was a bit difficult. But I felt such a peaceful state in mind & body. I will practise further to get better results
  6. I think if you chose a quieter environment we would have got a greater benefit. There is no limit to the benefits that we children can get by following this kind of program
  7. As today was the first day I couldn’t quite grasp what was said. But I know that I can be mindful in day to day activities. I request that we do this training everyday
  8. I really enjoyed participating in this class. I felt a lightness I have never experienced before. Although a lot of thought came in, I escaped them & kept experimenting with Sati. It gave me great sense of satisfaction & I want to do it over & over again
  9. The lesson you taught me in my young age is invaluable. This is very valuable to us. I hope I have the blessings to continue with this.
  10.  I learnt to bring my mind to one point. By doing so I’m sure it will benefit my studies. I also learnt that even for a short time that I can be with myself. This program will be beneficial for our future
  11. I love this. I can conquer the world with this! I will apply sati day & night, especially when I meet a difficult situation. This is first time I have done walking meditation. Henceforth I will start interacting with myself
  12. What we did today was v useful. I saw my mind for the first time. I felt the rise & fall of my abdomen. My mind got very light. I’m very grateful for this
  13.  Although there were many disturbances I was able to keep a track of my foot steps
  14. As there was a lot of noise it was a bit disturbing. But I experienced lightness. Thoughts came & went…& after time I went to an empty space (sky) Then I saw a light & I started floating in the air
  15.  This is very useful for my future. I felt the following – a lightness a sense of freedom, peacefulness, joy. All my physical & mental problems went away. Actually we have never been mindful like this & watched our own body & mind. This was a unique experience for me
  16. When we were walking there were many disturbances, kids shouting etc , the sun was very hot…I got quite fed up. But I understand the value it was good. Sitting meditation was better. Though there were disturbances I was able to overcome them thinking that it was only for a moment.
  17. This was a good eye opener to get rid of bad/useless stuff & involve only with good stuff.
  18. There was no result. I couldn’t understand anything. But I will try & understand. I will try & practise at home. I will try to develop Sati
  19. I think if I follow this I will be successful at term test. I will explain this to all my family members. I will try & practise at every opportunity
  20. My mind was very disturbed/excited. But I realised that I became very calm. This was a unique experience for me. It brought me happiness
  21. We are stifled by our education. In school, at tuition, & at home we have no time for ourselves. We don’t get an opportunity to do things we like. Even in school our parents don’t allow us to join activities which relaxes us. We are trapped in this situation with parents always telling us to study. So when people like you come & tell us about sati & give us even a moment of peace it is a great thing. We are blessed
  22. Something special I learnt was that when I receive the exam paper without getting excited that I will follow my breath. Likewise if I see a difficult question I can apply sati without getting nervous or excited. This is a valuable lesson for us
  23. I was so excited that I came early to school. I have a suggestion. It would be good if you can give us a book at least leave it in the library

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