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Sati Pasala at New Hopewell Tea Factory – 11th September 2018

Mindfulness in the workplace is one of the most important trends that New Hopewell & Wikiliya Team is very keen in its promotion. An exceptional effort has been made towards the expansion of mindfulness and the outcome is remarkable. All workers and staff members of the factory have been following mindfulness programme by spending 15 minutes at the morning session every day, thus creating an exclusive culture and living in it. Productivity and profitability are not our main concerns since these can be gained automatically through mindful civilization.
Monthly Sati Pasala program was organized by New Hopewell & Wikiliya team at New Hopewel Tea Factory on 11th September 2018, at 8.00am to 9.15am and about 220 workers and staff participated for it. The programme was conducted by Ven. Athurugiriye Dhammawihari Thero under the direct guidance of the Managing Director – Mr. Ranjana Gamini Walpola.
Emotional intelligence affects the workplace at all levels, and mindfulness can help towards improvement. The day-to-day program helps employees to work efficiently with enthusiasm and mindfulness makes everyone to be more focused, valuable, and much happier in the workplace. This program will definitely have an impact supportive to the usual morning sessions held every day at the factory.


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