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Sati Pasala at Polonnaruwa on November 1st

At the first National Schools Teacher Educators mindfulness gathering held in Colombo in January 2017, we pledged to introduce mindfulness through Sati Pasala to all the National schools (353) in all nine provinces before December this year. Having successfully completed this ambitious mission in eight provinces, today, at the premier national school Polonnaruwa Rajakeeya Vidyalaya, in the North Central Province, teachers, principals and senior school prefects gathered for a special mindfulness induction program.
The highlight of the three hour event was the exceptional talk delivered by the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vasantha Senanayake. This was the first time that a senior politician joined a mindfulness induction session. The video clip posted shows how well he had understood the value of mindfulness and its huge relevance in the education sector.
The mindfulness facilitation was conducted by the Sati Pasala Foundaton Spiritual Leader, Venerable U Dhammajiva.

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