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Sati Pasala Bundoora, Australia – February 2019

Sati Pasala Bundoora held the seventh session at Nick Ascenzo Community Centre, 2 Boronia Avenue, Thomastown, 3074 VIC, Australia on Sunday the 10th February 2019 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

About 25 children attended on the day and the following segments were covered in the session.

  1. Understanding Mindfulness (S1): After the initial introduction, ‘Mind Jar’ was introduced to the group as a mindful activity. Children were actively involved in the discussion following the activity by asking questions.
  2. Guided Practice (S2): Mindful walking and sitting were practiced as usual.
  3. Mindful game (S3): The game ‘Simon Says’ based on listening and observing mindfully was played inside in groups.
  4. Reporting experiences (S4): Children’s experience on mindful walking, mindful sitting and the mindful game were brought up in the discussion. Eight children have submitted their mindful experience in writing and some of those have been presented to the group. All reports have been collected for post-feedback.

The submitted items:

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