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Sati Pasala Bundoora, November 2018

Sati Pasala Bundoora, November 2018

Sati Pasala Bundoora held fourth session at Nick Ascenzo Community Centre, 2 Boronia Avenue, Thomastown, 3074 VIC, Australia on Sunday the 11th November, 2018 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

Majority of the 35 children participated were under 15 years old and the following segments were covered in the session.

  1. Understanding Mindfulness (S1): Initially a conversation was opened up to review on children’s understanding on mindfulness and how much they have gained so far from the previous sessions. In that it was emphasized that mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime and by anyone.
    Following that a discussion focused on basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, and anxious) was carried out and a small coloring/written activity based on those emotions were given.
  1. Guided Practice (S2): Mindful walking was practiced outside and mindful sitting was practiced indoors.
  2. Mindful game (S3): The game ‘Transporting a Balloon’ was played inside in groups of four.
  3. Reporting experiences (S4): Children’s experience on mindful walking, mindful sitting and mindful game was brought up in the discussion. The reasons for not being able to move the balloon smoothly was discussed further and the importance of doing the game in SMS mode was emphasized.


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