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Sati Pasala Bundoora, October 2018

Sati Pasala Bundoora, October 2018

Sati Pasala Bundoora had its third session at Nick Ascenzo Community Centre, 2 Boronia Avenue, Thomastown, 3074 VIC, Australia on Sunday the 14th October 2018 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

Majority of the 20 children participated were under 15 years old and the following segments were covered in the session.

  1. Understanding Mindfulness (S1): A demonstration was done on mindful walking aided with few PowerPoint slides. It covered all the aspects of mindful walking i.e. maintaining of body posture, what to observe and how to bring your mind back to walking if it wonders away. Benefits of mindful walking were also discussed.
  2. Guided Practice (S2): Mindful walking was practiced outside and mindful sitting was practiced indoors.
  3. Mindful game (S3): The game ‘Moving a Bowl of Water’ was played outside in four small groups.
  4. Reporting experiences (S4): Children’s experience on mindful walking was brought up in the discussion. Six children have submitted their experience on ‘Mindful Brushing’. They have been acknowledged for their efforts taken to share their experience with others in the group. Feedback was provided to further enhance their mindful practice. They were reminded to be mindful in doing daily activities and to report their experiences in writing and present it at the next session.

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