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Sati Pasala – Dunedin – New Zealand has completed two years in September 2018

A special session was held with Mindful yoga, mindful walking, Mindful Sitting, Mindful games and a discussion on “Happiness & Unhappiness” to celebrate the special day.  High light of the day was Mindful Yoga, Walking and Sitting activities were conducted by the senior students of the class.

At the end, a Sati Poem book – (Satiya is the highest gift) was presented to the children as a gift.

Click here to download “Satiya is the highest gift” poem book

 Mindful Yoga:

Mindful Walking:

Mindful Sitting:

Mindful drawing for little ones:

Mindful game
Blow a balloon by taking a breath in and pushing the breath out

Rationale for the activity
This activity helps to breath in and out mindfully and feel the breath movements. Take a deep breath in and release the air into the balloon to blow it.  Do this activity several times until the balloon is blown. Take the balloon out from your mouth by holding its neck tightly and then release the air by loosening the grip slowly and mindfully.


  1. To be mindful of blowing a balloon
  2. Feel the in breath and the out breath that you purposefully performed when blowing the balloon. This activity will help you to feel your natural in and out breath movements eventually.
  3. Try to practice releasing the air out from the balloon slowly and mindfully. By doing this, you can realize how patient you are in practicing this activity.
  4. When blowing the balloon, also try to feel the belly movements as well. You may feel your tummy getting full when breathing in and it getting empty when breathing out.

The things you need:
Some balloons

The Strategy:

  1. Sit down comfortably, place your hands on your lap and relax.
  2. Gently close your eyes and release your muzzle tightness.
  3. Take three deep breaths slowly, mindfully, and silently.
  4. Now, take one balloon and feel the touch of the balloon.
  5. Now, bring the balloon near your mouth mindfully and gently hold it with your lips. Now take a deep breath in, and release the air into the balloon. Do it again and again until it is filled.
  6. Now, hold the mouth of the balloon tightly, and take it out from your mouth and gently release the air out of the balloon slowly and mindfully.
  7. Practice this activity for about 5 minutes.
  8. When you hear the bell, put the balloon down and relax.

Discussion on reflective thoughts
: Describe your experiences about blowing a balloon. How did you feel when you breath the air in and out? Is the taking the breath in harder? How did you feel when the air is pushed out? Is it hard too? Any feelings about the warmness and the coolness of the in and out breaths?

What did you feel when releasing the air out from the balloon? Were you doing it slowly and mindfully? Or doing it without paying any attention? Did you control releasing of the air mindfully? What are the other experiences?

A discussion on Happiness and Unhappines:

Click here to download the Content of the Discussion


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