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Sati Pasala: Mindfulness @ Derana, Triad Agencies

In an unusual event, for the first time Sati Pasala & Mindfulness were introduced to one of the most promising & popular media agencies in Colombo on October 26th.
About 150 employees of Triad & Derana gathered in their office premises to understand Mindfulness & to experience mindful walking and mindful sitting, for the first time in their life.
Venerable Dhammajiva’s Introduction of Mindfulness to the group was unique. He described how important it was to advert the mind inwards, as done using mindfulness, leading to insight. And he drew a striking comparison of how ‘advertising’ usually has the opposite effect since in advertising the mind is drawn to the external world, and is extroverted. Using vivid examples from his own life he described the simplicity and the ease of being in the present moment, and the ability that everyone possesses to do this. This is despite the eternal rush, multi-tasking & tension-packed lifestyles employees of advertising agencies are compelled to lead.
Very interesting questions were asked at the end, and the value of the program conducted this morning was expressed by everyone.

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