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Sati Pasala: Mindfulness to the Sri Lankan Parliament

Sati Pasala - Mindfulness to the Sri Lankan Parliament

Today, December 8th, a delegation from the Sati Pasala Foundation met the Hon Speaker Mr. Karu Jayasuriya in the Speakers Chambers and introduced Sati Pasala. The Speakers response to introducing mindfulness to the Parliamentarians and the Staff of the Parliament was very encouraging. The discussion revolved round how mindfulness has been integrated into the British Parliament (Mindful Nation UK) and how in the USA it is being advocated by prominent Congressmen,  as well as in Canada and in certain states in Australia.

The Parliament Medical Officer Dr. Manoj Kannangara will be coordinating this effort of Mindfulness for Parliamentarians with the Sati Pasala Foundation, in order to commence mindfulness programs for groups of 20-30 from January 2018.

In response to the information shared so far with MPs,  to date 13 Parliamentarians and 16 staff members have registered for the Mindfulness programs due to commence next year.

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