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Sati Pasala session conducted for Dhamma Sarana Daham Pasala – Melbourne, Australia

Sati Pasala – Melbourne held a special session for the Dhamma Sarana Daham Pasala students on 26 August 2018 at the Dhamma Sarana Temple (Melbourne, Australia). About 250 students participated from preparatory to grade 10 and the session ran for 90 mins.

  • Understanding Mindfulness (S1)

A majority of students were new to the Sati Pasala approach. A short video clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNojLd_Jbh8) introduced mindfulness and a discussion was developed on bare attention. Being in the present moment was introduced through two mindful activities. First an exercise focused on being aware of the sitting posture followed by listening to the singing bowl. Experiences were shared in a discussion.

  • Mindful Walking and Sitting (S2) 

Ten-minute practice sessions followed, with grade six and under walking indoors, and others outdoors. The mindful sitting session was conducted inside.

  • Mindful Game (S3) – Writing on your back

The objective of the game was to mindfully observe bodily sensations. The students were lined up, one behind another and a facilitator wrote a letter, number or shape on the back of the student in front. The students had to pass the message forward until it reached the facilitator in front. The facilitators then compared the final message to the original. The results and reasons were discussed.

  • Being Mindful during Day-today Activities (S4)

Finally students were provided further guidance and encouragement to enhance their practice. Mindful Brushing video was played as a take-home activity inviting them to extend their mindful practice today-today activities.

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