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Sati Pasala Sydney, Australia inaugural public event


Most Ven. U Dhammajiva Maha Thero conducted a Special Sati Pasala session in Sydney on 16th of December 2017 themed “Practice with Maha Thero”.

For Sati Pasala Sydney this was the first public event since its initiation in August 2017. It was also the first time that Most Ven. Dhammajiva Thero participated in a session and hence a very special occasion for the children. There were 55 children and an equal number of adults.

The session started with an introduction to Sati Pasala through the video “Sati Pasala – Growing with Vigor”. Maha Thero explained the concept of mindfulness and the benefits of practicing mindfulness. The ideas were further supported by animated clips from various parts of the world that used clever examples to introduce the concept to the children. Then there was an opportunity for the children to describe their experiences in practicing mindfulness.

Next was a Mindful Walking segment which was an outdoor session in the nearby grass field. Even though it was a 35 degree hot summer day, the children participated and practiced with Maha Thero with much enthusiasm.

The Mindful Sitting segment that came next had three parts, with the first part being sitting mindfully and the second listening to the disappearing sound of the singing bowl. The third part was listening to the appearing sound of the singing bowl. This was a unique experience even for the adults.

The segment that is most looked forward to at any Sati Pasala session is the Mindful Games. The children got to experience 3 different types of games that made them observe and practice mindfulness.

The first game, writing on each other was aimed at focusing on touch, the second game eating mindfully was for all the sensory inputs and the last game of matching two items using sound was focusing on listening.

This special event was appreciated by the children and adults alike and we are most grateful to Most Ven. Dhammajiva Maha Thero for participating in this event and establishing the Sati Pasala in Sydney.

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