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Sati Pasala visits Vidura College Primary

Vidura College Primary opened their doors to Sati Pasala to spend some quality time with grade 3 & 4 children on the 22nd & 28th September 2017.
Each session comprised of approximately 200 children with about 12 class teachers. The Principal of the Primary school Mr Somabandu Kodikara & the sectional heads were also in attendance.
The Sati Pasala facilitator was able to capture the interest of both students and teachers with an interactive presentation interspersed with videos and other activities. The ‘magic jar’ was used to reinforce the message of ‘calming down’. The kids participated in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm.
The facilitator showed a video on mindful walking giving very clear instructions prior to the mindful walking exercise. It was a delight to see these young children walking with such concentration whilst being gently guided by their teachers. Once they returned to the auditorium some of them shared their experiences with the facilitator. The last item of the day was partaking of their morning refreshment. However, unlike other instances they had to follow the guidelines given by the facilitator. Accordingly they opened their tiffin boxes with great mindfulness and very slowly, silently and mindfully ate their snack. It was very heartening to see that some children were completely engrossed in the act of eating and even had their eyes closed; savoring every mouthful to the fullest, no doubt!
The brief session was brought to a close with the children writing & sharing their feedback with the facilitator.
The commitment and the genuine enthusiasm of the teachers coupled with the guidance of their Principal Mr Kodikara will no doubt propel Vidura College to forge ahead in their practices of mindfulness.

Feedback from students:

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