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Sati Pasela at Mithrigala Nissarana Vanaya

This is a special Sati Pasela program which is conducted at Mithrigala Nissarana Vanaya forest monastery every Monday evening under the guidance of Venerable Dhammajiva Maha Thero. Students who volunteer from Mithrigala schools and the surrounding villages (Grades 2 to 11) have been participating in this program since late 2015. About 50 – 80 students participate at each session and are registered with Sati Pasela.

Feedback from Students:

4 thoughts on “Sati Pasela at Mithrigala Nissarana Vanaya

  1. A Montessori class room creates an environment for mindfulness. We also practice what is called the Silence Game which i believe is Meditation of a sort. The sight of a 4yr old sitting in deep silence is a very powerful picture. I would love to know more about your program and how we can follow it at our Montessori.
    Stepping Stones Montessori
    Charmian Colombage

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