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Sati Pasela at the Family Health Bureau, Colombo

On Monday September 19th, the Family Health Bureau (FHB) of the Ministry of Health invited Venerable U Dhammajiva to introduce the Sati Pasela program to senior medical officers and other members of the staff of the FHB. In addition to introducing the Sati Pasela program, Venerable Dhammajiva shared the practice of mindfulness and conducted a guided mindful sitting meditation with the group. He also explained the scientific basis for the benefits of mindfulness practice citing latest neuroscientific research as well as details of new discoveries connected to neuroplasticity.
The ensuing discussion was lively and many relevant questions were asked. There was a lot appreciation expressed and participants requested further details of Sati Pasela so as to incorporate it into the School Health Program. The Director FHB, Director Health Education Bureau and other senior officials participated.

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