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Sati Pasela in Andarè’s Home Town

Andaré, a much loved Sri Lankan character, was a court jester whose witty acts and satirical comments entertained both royals and commoners alike. Legend has it that he hailed from the Southern town of Matara and was called to the Kandyan empire where he served as the jester. Despite being a mere joker, the tales suggest Andaré had a superior intellect that aided him in turning situations to his favour. After his death he was buried in the sleepy village of Udamala, allegedly his hometown, where his tomb can be found on the banks of the Udamalala wewa.
The present high light of Udamala is that Sati Pasela began with four students on a Poya day recently. It is expected that these numbers will increase gradually and that Sati Pasela will gain popularity in Andarè’s former home town.

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