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Sati Pasela Mindfulness Facilitators

Sati Pasela Mindfulness Facilitators underwent an introduction to Sati Pasela, and the methodologies that can be used when sharing Mindfulness practice with school children. This work shop was held at the Light of Asia Foundation on the 20th February. About 30 participants from Colombo, Kandy, Galle and some other parts of the country participated. Deepal Sooriyarachchi listed some key pointers on how this skill can be introduced in an interesting and non-threatening manner. The importance of not using religious connotations and the value to keeping the skill of mindfulness as a secular tradition was emphasized. These Mindfulness Facilitators will function as Sati Pasela resource persons in schools, teacher training colleges, at Scouts & Girl Guides training programs, and in other similar sectors. There is intention to introduce mindfulness using the Sati Pasela secular model, to the Police, the health sector and to other key sectors in the coming months.
A basic, Mindfulness training plan will be developed as a standardized model which can be used as a uniform method for all sectors mentioned above.
Photographs show the Mindfulness Facilitators interacting with the trainer during the Q and A session.

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  1. It is wonderful to hear that the practice is being kept secular. That way, the benefits of mindfulness will be open to people of all religious faiths (as well as for those who prefer not to be affiliated with any religion).

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