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Sati Pasela Programme at WP/GM/ Thakshila MV, Gampaha

Students in Thakshila MV experienced mindfulness on 15th September 2016 with Sati Pasela facilitators. In this program, about 230 students from grade 9 participated in guided mindfulness walking and sitting with the support of their teachers. Finally students shared their experience very appreciatively with Sati Pasela facilitators.

Feedback from Students:


  1. This teaching was a great help to maintain the calmness of the mind. Whilst walking nature gave us rain which we were able to experience in our body & mind. We didn’t consider the rain as an impediment. Likewise when seated I was able to bring a calmness to my mind. Whilst walking I felt a certain difference on the soles of my feet; it was not a pain. I think if I practice both these activities I will be able to successfully focus my mind to the body.
  2. When walking I felt a certain change/difference in my mind. Not only did my mind get calmer it felt less complicated. I had already borrowed the Sati Pasela book from the principal & read it, so I was a bit familiar. Actually I experimented doing a few things as given in the book, whenever I was alone at home. Now I think to some extent I’m able to apply sati. Today by participating in this program I learnt a lot more. At some point when we were practicing mindfulness the weather changed. I didn’t even feel it & I continued walking till a teacher summoned me. This program a good thing to be followed by elders too who are involved with Sati Pasela.
  3. This was a very different experience. I have never walked in silence before. I felt a great calmness. Normally when I sit I feel pins & needles but today I did not feel anything. I have never felt such a degree of calmness ever before. I think I will be a lot calmer in the future.
  4. Whilst seated I felt pins & needles in my feet. Whilst sitting with the eyes closed I heard the everyday sounds but they seemed louder than usual. Whilst walking I felt a multitude of things on my feet. Whilst walking I face to face with the rain drops & the cool winds. Whilst being seated with my eyes closed, I saw various bright lights.


  1. I learnt to be mindful. Whilst I was seated my legs hurt. I heard the sounds of birds. It was very quiet. I really liked that silence. Whilst walking my feet felt the soil, grass & little pebbles. I preferred the walking to the sitting exercise. I felt my mind got lighter & felt calmness. I think this program was a great help to me. Generally I tend to be a bit forgetful. So I think by practicing this I will be able to be less forgetful.
  2. Whilst walking I felt my feet trampling the grass. I trod on small stones. When the rain came I felt certain coolness on my feet. I realize that in our day to day activities we walk unmindfully. As such what was felt now is never felt. As advised when walking slowly silently & mindfully our mind does not run here & there. How wonderful is it to experience the sound of silence? Whilst sitting we learnt not to think about the past & future but to focus on our breath which is in the present moment. From both exercises our minds became calm.
  3. This program was a huge help to train our minds to be on one object. To do this we learnt that we have to control our thoughts. We learnt of the importance of keeping our minds focused in our day to day educational & other activities. We are very grateful to you all for conducting such programs. We wish you all strength & determination to conduct more programs in the future.
  4. We felt something which we did not understand up to this moment. We felt the importance of Sati. The importance of learning to be victorious despite impediments was understood. Honestly we got used to practicing doing meditation. I understood the importance of being calm & that it helps not only in education but in our daily lives. Much merit to you all for conducting such programs.
  5. My entire life span in a mere 14 years. Up to know I have never focused my mind & mindfulness & maintained such a close relationship with my body. This is an entirely different experience that I have had in my entire life time. Now I feel like a new person. I’m indebted to you all for giving me this unique experience.

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