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The journey of Mindfulness to Lifefulness

The journey of Mindfulness to Lifefulness
Journey of Mindfulness to Lifefulness
The journey of Mindfulness to Lifefulness

The practice of mindfulness would form the basis for the development of Primary Qualities of Mindfulness which, upon application of appropriate mindful activities could nurture a set of mindful skills. These skills empower the student to act for the well-being of himself, others and the environment.
There are four fundamental well-being types namely physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Sati Pasala vision envisages the student while engaged in core mindful practice, to embark on a journey reaching out to his family, learning space, community, motherland and finally to the world more or less in that sequence. During these different stages of the journey, the student would play appropriate roles starting from being a caring family member to a global citizen. Further, he would employ mindful skills based on the four well-being types to enhance the different roles of the stages of the journey. Finally, by becoming a diligent global citizen he will accomplish the state of lifefulness.

The journey of mindfulness to lifefulness through Satipasala Unit Plan

Path of mindfulness to lifefulness
Path of mindfulness to liffulness

The students are engaged in a journey of learning and applying Mindful Skills nurtured through mindful practices/activities. They, while engaged in core mindful practices, nurture mindful skills using a five-point learning activity. They consist of; expected learning outcome, Teacher/Instructor Inputs, Mindful Activity, Resource Inputs (Texts, Lesson Plans, Web Links, Documents, etc.) and Assessment for learning (Feed Back/Presentations).
The diagram shows how these five points of learning activity are being used repeatedly throughout various stages of the journey of learning and applying mindful skills. These stages start from the mindful self and then progress through stages of becoming a caring family member, life long learner, the citizen of the land and finally the global mindful (diligent) citizen.

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