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The launch of Sati Pasala training program to Badi-ud-din-Mahamud Girls’ College, Kandy

The program was held on Tuesday, 17 August 2017 at the main hall of the college from 8 am to 10.30 am.
The program was conducted by The Subodaramaya (Peradeniya) Sati Pasala facilitators – Chandani and Udaya Dissanayake and Florida Weerasinghe.
The participants included approximately 110 students of Year 11 and about 15 teachers.
Although the Principal Mrs G S S A Raheem was unable to participate due to prior commitments, she extended her fullest support to the Sati Pasala facilitators, her teachers and students.
Her words of encouragement were well received by all. Her commitment to this initiative was clearly indicated when she immediately made a request for year 9 students as well to undergo a similar training.
The facilitators introduced ‘Sati’ in a very practical & light hearted manner, captivating the interest of both the students & teachers. The feedback given bears ample testimony to this fact. Although initially the teachers had been a little ‘unsure’ as to how this message could be conveyed to students of a different faith; true to the ethos of Sati Pasala it transcended all religious & social barriers. The fact that many students had mentioned that they had never heard of this type of approach to ‘relax themselves’ is quite revealing. The fact that they had subsequently mentioned, that after understanding & experiencing Sati, they all felt that this practice would be very beneficial to them’ is noteworthy.
Our respect & appreciation go to the facilitators for communicating the message so effectively. We at Sati Pasala hope that this ‘bond’ with Badi-ud-din-Mahamud Girls’ College, Kandy is nurtured in the future!

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