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The London Buddhist Vihara (LBV) in support of Sati Pasela


Ven Bogoda Seelawimala
Head of London Buddhist Vihara
Chief Sangha Nayake of Great Britain
(via www.londonbuddhistvihara.org)

The Chief Monk of the London Buddhist Vihara (Venerable Seelawimala Thero) having read the Sati Pasela book and understood the philosophy of the program, has expressed interest and support for the Sati Pasela program. Together with the UK Sati Pasela Coordinator and a team of devotees of the temple, there is formal endorsement of the program. LBV is a regular venue of annual mindfulness meditation retreats conducted by Venerable U Dhammajiva. Several meditators who have attended these retreats and other devotees of the temple are dedicated to support this initiative of sharing mindfulness with Sri Lankan school children.

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