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Vijithapura Dutugemunu Aranya welcomes Sati Pasela

On the 27th of August 2016 a historic meeting took place in the scenic environs of the banks of the Kalaweva.

Vijithapura Dutugemunu Aranya is now an official affiliate of the Nissarana Vanaya monastery where resident monks practice meditation diligently.

Logistics of commencing Sati Pasela in nearly 300 schools in the Anuradhapura district were discussed on the above day. Officers from The Agricultural Department, the Provincial Health Ministry and the NCP Chief Ministers representatives joined in the discussion which was chaired by Venerable Dhammajiva. For a pilot program the initial schools that will be volunteer will be small in number.The North Central Provincial authorities were impressed with Sati Pasela and will include same in the 2017 Calendar.

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