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About Sati Pasala

About Sati Pasala

Sati Pasala aims at sharing mindfulness with students, teachers, and entire school and university communities, as well as those in other relevant sectors. 

This program is based on a not-for-profit concept, is free from ethnic/religious dimensions and welcomes anyone to be part of the Sati Pasala community.

Our email: satipasela@gmail.com

Postal Address:
Sati Pasala Foundation
No: 78/C, De Mel Watte Road,
Koswatte Nawala, Sri Lank

Mr. Nikhila Ranasinghe – (077) 6179388
Mr. Harsha Gunasena – (077) 3295002
Mr. Lakmal Nandasiri – (077) 3336237


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