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At Meepe: Sati Pasala Training of Trainers

At the spacious and landscaped, National Education Leadership Development and Management Institute, of the National Institute of Education in Meepe, about 20’Provincial Education officials gathered for an introduction to Sati Pasala. Traveling from afar as Jaffna and Ampara these officials spent about fours discussing Sati Pasala and experiencing mindfulness during a guided mindful sitting meditation conducted by Venerable U Dhammajiva, the Founder of Sati Pasala.
These officials and their colleagues from 98 Education Zones will gather at the same venue for an intensive Mindfulness – Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop on November 4-5. The training modules to be used at this special ToT will be designed carefully.
The ultimate aim of this process is to create a pool of Sati Pasala Mindfulness Master Trainers in every Province, using In-Service Advisers as trainees from each Zone. So that all the ISAs will become Master Trainers of the Sati Pasala group.
The purpose is to expand the outreach of the Sati Pasala program so that all teachers (and through the teachers, all students) will have some exposure to mindfulness during the coming months.

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