Testimonial by Principal of Galahitiyawa, Hemamali Maha Vidyalaya – Ganemulla

Galahitiyawa, Hemamali Maha Vidyalaya is located in Ganemulla in the Gampaha District. The Gampaha district is one of the three districts of the Western Province of Sri Lanka (the others being Colombo and Kalutara districts) and is second to Colombo in terms of population.
At the very beginning in March 2016, when Sati Pasela was launched in the Dompe educational division in Gampaha, Hemamali Maha Vidyalaya was one of the 35 schools that pledged to commence this program in the school.
The letter by Ms H W T Dayani, Principal (posted in the web site) is ample testimony to the initiative and dedication of a school Head who had correctly understood the philosophy and value of Sati Pasela. Such exemplary leadership needs commendation.
Mindfulness Instructors of Sati Pasela will visit this school in the new school term to facilitate class room based mindfulness programs.


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