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The Bishops Education Advisory Committee (BEAC) & Mindfulness @ the SLFI

On the 20th October a group of Anglican Clergy & teachers of schools falling within the Christian Schools belonging to the BEAC were exposed to mindfulness. As part of the Sati Pasala on-going Interfaith initiatives since last year, this third such event had Venerable Dhammajiva explaining the value of Mindfulness in Education and it’s extensive use in day to day life. After a guided session of Mindful sitting & Mindful walking using the expansive lawn of the SLFI with the pleasant evening breeze, Venerable Dhammajiva gave a brief but very insightful talk on Conflicts & Chaos within us, and how mindfulness offers a lasting remedy for understanding such conflicts & more importantly for preventing escalation of conflict and it’s pervading influence to the external surroundings.
Photographs show the participants engaged in this interesting two hour session Mindfully.
The video clip of Venerable Maha Thero’s Talk will be uploaded on YouTube soon.

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