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The Magic Mind Jar

The Magic Mind Jar

This mind jar is a beautiful way to illustrate how our minds, which are usually cluttered with thoughts & ideas will settle down, if we just pause, and allow the mind to calmly settle into the present moment. Slowly, Mindfully, Silently.

Sati Pasala Facilitators use the Mind Jar in most of the mindfulness training programs, for children and adults. The magic mind jar is very easy to make. You could use an old empty jam bottle or a similar bottle and fill it with water. Into the water add a bit of glue and some coloured glitter. Now close the lid and shake the jar. The water will be colour and murky with the glitter. It will lose its transparency.

Now keep the mind jar on a table and watch it for a while. You will see that the glitter will settle to the bottom of the jar. Then the water will become clear once again.

The water in the jar is like our mind. It is constantly stirred by thoughts, ideas and emotions – the glitter!

When we allow our mind to settle in to the present moment with mindfulness our thoughts will settle to the bottom and the mind will become clear again!

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