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Funding Sati Pasela activities


Sati Pasela  supporters have expressed interest in funding Sati Pasela events and related activities. The Sati Pasela book new edition containing  instructional essays for four weeks in all three languages will be printed. And we support  the Mindfulness Facilitators Volunteer Team  which visits schools on invitation, to share the practice with students and teachers.  

All donors will be kept informed of how funds have been utilized with utmost transparency.

Funds can be credited towards Sati Pasela work to the following bank account.

Account name: Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya Sanrakshana Mandalaya
Bank Name: Sampath Bank
Bank Branch: Headquarters Branch
Account Number: 0029 6000 2914
Address, Sampath Bank, Headquarters branch, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka
Swift Code: BSAMLKLX 


Please send an email to the following e-addresses whenever a transfer is made.

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