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Mindfulness for Ethnic & Religious Harmony

The Sati Pasela story was presented to a multi-religious, multi-ethnic group of religions dignitaries, university academics & professionals at a special event at Light of Asia Foundation on January 28th. The value of introducing mindfulness in a secular manner to school children and its potential for promoting harmony between diverse groups of persons, were discussed. Dr Bimsara Senanayake (Consultant Neurologist) presented the structural brain changes & functional impact of mindfulness that have been proven by research. Increased levels of tolerance, better management of emotions and reduced anger are all known benefits of mindfulness due to changes in the brain. All of which will contribute towards harmony.
Reverend Duleep de Chickera (former Bishop of Colombo) and Swamiji Darshan (Chinmaya Mission Trust) recommended that the message & philosophy of Sati Pasela be popularized and that it be recommended to a wider group of people. Venerable Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva emphasized the need to share mindfulness through a secular approach and conducted a brief guided mindful sitting session at the end.
The meeting was chaired by Prof Lakshman Jayatilaka (Chairman, National Education Commission).

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