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Sati Pasala Mindfulness Facilitators Workshop

On the 16th May, at the Vishwa Parami Foundation office about 50 Mindfulness Facilitators gathered for a three hour workshop conducted by Deepal Sooriyarachchi. In his usual inimical style, backed by decades of experience in practicing and teaching mindfulness, Deepal held the attention of the group perfectly. Using a colourful and interesting slide presentation, he illustrated the value approaching students and teachers on the subject of mindfulness in a simple and straightforward manner.
He also expressed the benefits of not using terms and concepts that would convey a religious overtone to mindfulness. And also described how a complicated approach to mindfulness may in fact not be attractive to students.
A lively Q and A followed the presentation.
The new Chair of the Sati Pasala Foundation Harsha Gunasena, initiated the proceedings. Lakmal Nishantha, the Mindfulness Facilitators Coordinator was introduced as the focal point for the Mindfulness Facilitators and for linking them up with schools that extend invitations.

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