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Sati Pasala: Wellington Mindfulness Session – 23 April 2017

On 23 April 2017 a group of people who had attended Ven. Dhammajiva thero’s retreat in January conducted the very first Sati Pasala session in Wellington, New Zealand. This was a 4 hour (10am – 2pm) session that was held at the Hutt Recreation Centre in Lower Hutt.
Twenty eight children and youth, aged 6 to 21 participated in this session. Participants’ religious background varied – there were Buddhists, Christians and Malay. According to their age, participants were grouped into 4 groups (6 – 9 years, 10-12 year, 13 -15 years, and 16+). Each group had two instructors.
Alongside the session for children and youth, another session was conducted for the parents of the participants.
From the feedback that the organisers have received this first session was a success. It is intended to hold similar sessions during school holidays.
Feedback from the Children :

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