A Mindful Cube

Sati Pasala Sydney

At the Sati Pasala Sydney June session, the children enjoyed making a paper cube. They used the technique called Origami, which is folding square pieces of paper in a predefined sequence in order to create a particular shape. In this game, six separate pieces of paper are folded individually into an identical shape and then combined together to form a single cube.  Four groups were formed with six children in each group. Each group was given six pieces of coloured paper and an instruction sheet. A video was also played with the folding instructions. Each group also had adult facilitators.

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Mindful Games @ Sati Pasala Sydney

Each month Sati Pasala Sydney holds a 2 hour session with the participation of around 30 children. A typical session begins with refreshing the concepts of mindfulness, and includes practicing mindful walking and sitting as well as reflection writing and review. The children take part in these activities with much enthusiasm. However the most looked forward time is the Mindful Activity and Games segment. Each game is designed to engage the children in a simple mindful activity which highlights a basic concept in practicing mindfulness.

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Spring 2018 highlights from the Mindfulness Initiative UK

President Maithripala Sirisena (second on the right) with cabinet ministers Akila Viraj Kariyawasam and Champika Ranawaka hearing about the potential for mindfulness in politics

Sri Lanka occupies a singular position in the mindfulness landscape, as both the first developing country to consider mindfulness in politics, and the first Buddhist country to adopt western-influenced secular mindfulness at a national level. There is a strong appetite in this highly religious country to learn from western innovations that can help people to rediscover meditation.

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Exploring the use of mindfulness in Schools & Universities

Exploring the use of mindfulness in Schools & Universities-Flyer mindfulness conference

Sati Pasala will be presented at a special Mindfulness Event in Oslo, Norway on June 12th. The Conference flyer attached.

This will be the first Sati Pasala presentation at an international forum, overseas. The event will be attended by schools/universities representatives, scholars, academics and members of the Buddhist and other clergy. Please see https://www.mindfulnessnorge.no/

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Sati Pasala Sydney, Australia inaugural public event

Most Ven. U Dhammajiva Maha Thero conducted a Special Sati Pasala session in Sydney on 16th of December 2017 themed “Practice with Maha Thero”.

For Sati Pasala Sydney this was the first public event since its initiation in August 2017. It was also the first time that Most Ven. Dhammajiva Thero participated in a session and hence a very special occasion for the children. There were 55 children and an equal number of adults.

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