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September 25th Monday afternoon @ Nissarana Vanaya

A gloomy Monday afternoon in the rain-soaked monastery came alive with the smiling faces and lively disposition of nearly 150 children from the Sati Pasala family. Accurately referred to as the true ‘Home’ of Sati Pasala program, Nissara Vanya has been hosting increasing numbers of children from the nearby villages every Monday for the past 18 months. These children (starting in small numbers, but growing steadily) have led the burgeoning mindfulness movement amongst Sri Lankan school children – Sati Pasala.
Last Monday proved to be a hive of activity during the usual Sati Pasala program at NV. In addition to children from nearby schools in Mitirigala & Kirindawella, students from Gurukula Maha Vidayala (Kelaniya) also attended the program. An interesting yoga session with සුදු මාමා (an Italian Yoga Master) kept the young ones excited, followed by lively games and demonstrations by visiting Scouts Masters.
The highlight of the afternoon was the vivid description of the benefits of mindful walking, bare foot, on the ground, allowing the feet to touch mother earth. This was done by Most Venerable Dhammajiva. In his usual inimical style he repeatedly stressed the value of වැලි මලුවේ සක්මන, and described the benefits of same to the body and mind, akin to reflexology and other similar therapies, illustrated by colourful graphics.
Photographers from the Global Mindfulness Summit promotional team took ample time to record voice-cuts from the Venerable Maha Thero whilst extensively photographing the monastery and it environment.
We have published photographs from this interesting afternoon, at Nissarana Vanaya.

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