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Sati Pasala Bundoora, Australia – April 2019

Sati Pasala Bundoora, Australia – April 2019

Sati Pasala Bundoora held the eighth session at Nick Ascenzo Community Centre, 2 Boronia Avenue, Thomastown, 3074 VIC, Australia on Sunday the 14th April, 2019 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

Altogether 24 children attended on the day and the following segments covered during the session.

  • Understanding Mindfulness (S1): A discussion initiated to introduce ‘Happiness’. The external things that make you happy or unhappy were brought in to discussion. The temporary nature of happiness generated through external factors was mentioned and the importance of maintaining true happiness was further discussed.
  • Guided Practice (S2): Mindful walking was practiced outside and mindful sitting was practiced inside the hall.
  • Mindful Activity (S3): The mindful activity ‘Water Trail’ was introduced and the children were asked to be in the SMS mode while doing the task and notice the sensations they feel in their body and mind while doing it. Children’s experience was discussed as a group in the end.
  • Reporting experiences (S4): Children’s experience on mindful walking and mindful sitting was brought up in the discussion. Further instructions were given to clarify what to observe and to report during mindful walking and sitting.

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