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Pirivena Education Teacher Educators Introduced to Sati Pasela

In the past Pirivena was a self-managed institution, but since about 60 years it became part of the government education system. Today Pirivena Education comes directly under the purview of the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka. There are 753 government approved Pirivenas in Sri Lanka where over 6000 teachers and nearly 60,000 monk students are engaged in teaching and learning. There are three categories of Pirivenas today, namely Mulika Pirivena, Mahapirivena and Vidyayatana Pirivena.
On the 5th April at Gnanarama temple in Thalawatugoda, on invitation of the Ministry of Education, Director Pirivena Education (Venerable Professor Nambirittankadawara Gnanaratana Thero) about 40 Pirivena Education Branch Heads from the entire island attended a special mindfulness workshop. This was part of the on-going Sati Pasela programs. Several Pirivena Education assistant teachers and other officials from the Ministry of Education participated.
The Sati Pasela Founder, Most Venerable Dhammajiva Maha Thero conducted the mindfulness work shop, with guided mindfulness sitting and walking meditation followed by a Q and A discussion session. Most Venerable Tirikunamale Ananda Maha Thero as well as the Peradeniya, Subodharama temple Sati Pasela chief monk, attended the event.
The main purpose of the workshop was to introduce the value of mindfulness to Pirivena Education teacher educators, so that eventually this practice could be incorporated into the Pirivena Education curriculum. This would be a novel aspect introduced to Pirivena Education, where the students will get a first-hand, direct experience of the Satipatthana practice, as taught by the Buddha.
The photographs taken at the event shown the Pirivena Teacher Educators walking and sitting mindfully.

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