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Global Mindfulness Summit 2018 Slide Presentations

Global Mindfulness Summit 2018 Slide Presentations

Summit Inauguration
February 23rd 2018

  1. Jamie Bristow – UK initiative (Download)
  2. Bishop Duleep de Chickera – Self-reflection, self-understanding & contentment through mindfulness (Download)

Summit Day One
February 24th 2018

  1. Aloka Pathirana – Mindfulness for Undergraduates (Download)
  2. Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe  – IQ EQ SQ and Mindfulness (Download)
  3. Ash Shiekh Faleel – Caring for Children with Mindfulness (Download)
  4. Swamiji  Dharshan  – Transcending Religion and Ethinicity (Download)
  5. Yasaswi  Walpita, Impact Assessment of Sati Pasala (Download)
  6. Dr. Harsha Alles  -Mindfulness programme at Gateway Colleges (Download)
  7. Amaranath Jayakody – GMS Presentation AJ (Download)
  8. Muthu Sivagnanam  – Mindful School Program in Schools in the Northern (Download)
  9. Ven Chandaratana – Mindfulness in Different Buddhist Traditions (Download)
  10. Prof. Lionel Tennakoon  – Goenka Tradition Presentation (Download)
  11. Prof. Sunil Wimalawansa – Chronic Kidney Disease (Download)
  12. Prof. S J Nawaratne  – A socially relevant public sector through Mindfulness (Download)
  13. Dr. Chandrika Jayatilaka  – Sati Pasala International: An overview (Download)

Summit Day Two
February 25th 2018

  1. Dr. H P Jayatilake – Mindfulness in clinical practice presentation (Download)
  2. Dr. Palitha Kohona  – Mindfulness in Policy making (Download)
  3. Swamiji Dharshan  – Communal Tensions and Religious Conflicts (Download)
  4. Ms. Maria Lucia – Prevention of Violence: A need and an Imperative (Download)
  5. Ven. Bhikkhuni Tathaloka – Mindfulness’ Access and Depth Practices for Interethnic and Interreligious Benevolence (Download)
  6. Dr. Piyal Walpola – Mind-transformation through mindfulness (Download)
  7. Dr. Bimsara Senanayake -Brain-transformation through mindfulness (Download)


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