The Sound of Silence

‘Do you have a favorite sound?’
‘The most beautiful sound is the sound is the sound of Ma, the sound of silence’

This is part of a conversation between the little boy Yoshio and the musician.
The Sound of Silence is the delightful book that describes Yoshio’s journey through the hustle and bustle of Tokyo where he lives, to find the most beautiful sound of all.

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Sati Pasela News from New Zealand

From New Zealand  a valuable Sati Pasela supporter – Anula Premachandra sent us this email: ‘We got the  Sati Pasela book printed out and gave SL children in Dunedin on June 19th, Poson Poya day. It is a great advantage for us. Very few Children  live here in DN, about 15 children among the ages 1 year to 15 years. When there is a opportunity ,  we can support the children in DN with more information from the Sati Pasela web. So,the sati pasela program is a great support for…

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