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Mindfulness for six year olds – a new initiative from the Dunedin  Support Group

The New Zealand Dunedin Sati Pasela support group  has developed an attractive e-book for six year olds on mindfulness practice. This book is based on the principles of the Sati Pasela program and will be shared with interested children in Dunedin and their parents in months to come. The entire e-book can be accessed via this link.  

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Sati Pasela meeting at Vishwa Parami Board Room

  On the 8th July 2016, Sati Pasela Mindfulness Instructors/Facilitators had a discussion  on future programs in the Vishwa Parami Board Room in Colombo. Representatives of the Stakeholders Committee also participated. Mindfulness Instructors were selected from a pool of experienced meditators who had practiced mindfulness under the guidance of Venerable Dhammajiva

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Funding Sati Pasela activities

Sati Pasela  supporters have expressed interest in funding Sati Pasela events and related activities. The Sati Pasela book new edition containing  instructional essays for four weeks in all three languages will be printed. And we support  the Mindfulness Facilitators Volunteer Team  which visits schools on invitation, to share the practice with students and teachers.     All

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Sati Pasela DVD Logo

Sati Pasela DVD

The Sati Pasela DVD is now available and will be distributed amongst schools that request a copy. The DVD contains the following: The Sinhala video clip describing the initiative The English video clip Some instructional essays read out  in Sinhala Week 1  -

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